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Introducing the Ultimate Dog Walking Bag Sewing Pattern – your must-have accessory for every dog owner!

Are you tired of juggling leashes, treats, waste bags, and personal belongings while trying to enjoy a peaceful walk with your beloved pup? Look no further! The designer's dog walking bag sewing pattern is here to revolutionize your outings and make your life easier.

With this meticulously designed sewing pattern, you can create a dog walking bag that encompasses all the features you need for a stress free walk in the park!

What sets the designer's dog walking bag sewing pattern apart? Let’s dive into the incredible features that make this pattern a game-changer:

1. Poop Bag Holder: No more fumbling or searching for waste bags when you need them most. The pattern includes a dedicated side pocket to hold and dispense poop bags effortlessly. It ensures that you have them readily available to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while on the go.

2. Magnetic Opening: The designer understands the need for convenience and ease of use. The pattern incorporates a magnetic opening feature, allowing you to open and close the bag with just one hand. This innovative design ensures that you can access your items quickly while keeping a firm grip on your dog’s leash.

3. Removable Snack Pocket: Treats are an essential part of any dog walking adventure, and the pattern has you covered. They’ve included a removable snack pocket that keeps your pup’s favorite treats easily accessible. Whether you’re rewarding good behavior or training your furry friend, you can conveniently take the snacks with you or detach the pocket when not needed.

4. Stylish and Functional Design: The pattern provides a blueprint for a bag that not only serves its purpose but also looks fantastic. You can choose from a variety of fabric options, allowing you to customize your dog walking bag to match your personal style.

5. Don’t want a poop bag holder? There are options inside the pattern for a plain pocket, mesh pocket and also to make the poop bag holder with a grommet (eyelet) or without.

By following the step-by-step sewing instructions, you’ll create a dog walking bag that combines convenience, style, and practicality. Say goodbye to the chaos of disorganized walks and hello to a well-prepared and enjoyable experience with your furry friend.

Video tutorial:
Watch the free video tutorial to see how its made before purchasing or to sew along to!


Materials needed:
The pattern:
This listing is for the instant downloadable pattern templates and booklet. This includes full colour step by step instructions, and full sized templates to print and Projector file as well as a free video tutorial. Swipe through the images to see some of the fantastic tester bags and to get inspiration! Please note no svgs are included as the pattern pieces are too large.

Please note that this is a digital download PDF file, not a paper sewing pattern. Please download it immediately after check out.