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Mrs H says "My inspiration for The Super Nova was protection. I wanted to find a way to create a bag that was ultra-secure inside and out, to give you peace of mind that your belongings would remain nestled safe and undisturbed within. But it also needed to be stylish too!

So, for the opening of the Super Nova Satchel, I developed a way to use a diagonal zipper closure then added magnetic snaps for extra security. The snaps help to give the Super Nova its beautiful baguette shape. And, for protection from the elements, I added a base that curves up the sides of the Super Nova to protect the contents of your bag from the elements.

There may be some techniques in the Super Nova Satchel that are new to you, so please do have a good read of the pattern, and watch my sew along video. I hope you love my design as much as my testers and I do, and I can't wait to see how you style your Super Nova Satchels!"

Bag features:
As Mrs H mentions above, the diagonal zipper paired with the snaps helps to keep your Super Nova Satchel secure while you're out and about. A bonus from using a diagonal zipper is that the zipper is longer than the bag width! This means that you're able to see far more than a traditional zip top because you can open the zip into a square and see the inside fully, making it easier to quickly pop things in and out of your Super Nova when it is open.

The Super Nova Satchel has hidden strap connectors that are secured with rivets. The straps can be made double-sided (so with a different fabric each side, or vinyl on one side and fabric on the other), and there are two different handle lengths to choose between.

The Super Nova Satchel has a large pocket on the front and back panels that you can leave undivided, or divide if you prefer to have multiple pockets. Dividing one of the large pockets into three sections has been most popular with bagineers so far! Inside is a zip pocket, a slip pocket, a full-width slip pocket, and a beautifully large central space.

At the bottom of the Super Nova Satchel you'll be adding a bag base (we like to use cheap plastic cutting boards from our local homewares store!) and bag feet. The outer base of the Super Nova Satchel curves gently up the sides of the bag. These features give a lovely sturdy base to your bag, as well as helping to protect the contents of your bag from the elements.

And, the sewing pattern includes instructions and pattern pieces for two sizes of bag! With all these features, this is a great customisable bag sewing pattern that you can adapt to fit your needs!

Sizing info:
The Super Nova Satchel comes in 2 sizes. The small measures 10" x 7" x 8.5" (25.5cm x 18cm x 22cm). The large measures 13" x 9" x 11" (33cm x 23cm x 28cm)

Skill level:
The Super Nova Satchel is classified as an advanced bag sewing pattern. It is written in UK English and has been thoroughly tested by a team of expert pattern testers. The Super Nova was designed as a skillbuilding pattern and may feature a lot of techniques that are new to you. We recommend reading the sewing pattern thoroughly before you begin as well as watching Mrs H's Super Nova Satchel YouTube tutorial.

The pattern:
* Instructions and pattern pieces for two sizes
* Easy-to-read instructions, colour photographs, and pattern pieces
* Full YouTube video tutorial
* Generous internal space, secure top closure, and protective base


What materials do I need?


4 x 1/2" (12mm) domed purse feet
2 x Slim 3/4" (18mm) magnetic snaps
4 x 1" (25mm) rectangle rings
8 x Medium Rivets: 3/8" Caps x 5/16" Post (9mm x 8mm) - Note: these are not optional
1 x 7" (18cm) #3 zip (cut continuous zip 9" (23cm))
4 x 1" x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm) scraps of foam stabiliser

Small size requirements:
(1) x 10" (25.5cm) #5 zip (cut continuous zip 12" (30.5cm))
9 1/2" x 6 1/2" (24cm x 16.5cm) bag base or thin cutting mat
3/4 yd (0.75m) exterior
1/2 yd (0.5m) contrast
3/4 yd (0.75m) lining
11" x 26 3/4" (28cm x 68cm) foam stabiliser
9 1/2" x 25 1/4" (24cm x 64cm) decovil light
12" x 27" (30.5cm x 69cm) fusible fleece
2 1/4 yd (2m) medium weight fusible interfacing 1yd (90cm) wide, narrower will need more.

Large size requirements:
(1) x 14" (35.5cm) #5 zip (cut continuous zip 16" (40.5cm))
11 1/2" x 8" (29cm x 20cm) bag base or thin cutting mat
1 1/8 yd (1m) exterior
2/3 yd (0.6m) contrast
1 1/8 yd (1m) lining
13" x 34" (33cm x 86.5cm) foam stabiliser
11 1/2" x 32 1/2" (29cm x 83cm) decovil light
14" x 35" (35.5cm x 89cm) fusible fleece
3 1/4 yd (3m) medium weight fusible interfacing 1yd (90cm) wide, narrower will need more.

You will also need the following:
Double sided basting tape
Zip foot & Walking foot
Wonder clips
Fray check
Pressing cloth
Pinking Shears
Duct tape
Chalk marker/erasable pen

Please note this is a digital download PDF file, not a paper sewing pattern. Please download immediately after check out.