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For Singer Featherweight sewing machines owners and lovers! In this PDF pattern and tutorial I will describe how to make a zippered tote for your sewing machine, which makes it easier to take it out and put back in the manufactured case, and how instantly to convert this tote into a neat workstation.

Here's a video showing the features of this amazing workstation


This tote will not only protect your Featherweight from tearing and accidental scratches, hits and damages, but will also create a very handy workstation with multiple pockets on unzipped panels. It's a great sewing machine for traveling, classes, retreats and vacations.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make your working space with this machine ergonomic and well organized. All you need to do is take this tote out of case, put it on your working table and unzip all 4 zippers. Arrange your tools in pockets, undo the arm sleeve, converting it into a trash catcher, plug it in and ready to go!

Front panel has 3 flat pockets for scissors, ruler, snippers, marker, etc.
Back panel has attached folding strip with additional 4 pockets. When unfold and fixed to the Velcro strip on the bottom, it creates a "roof" with firm plastic boards inserted in the side openings. Pleats on the pockets create a little more volume, so you can keep spools, roller cutter and other tools there. When sewing big pieces, you can always unfold the "roof" on back panel to make back surface flat again.

It's good to have the folding arm on your machine also covered from the inside, protecting it from touching metal side of your machine. Protective sleeve has a little longer "tongue", - so you can slide it under the foot and lower down the needle, which is also a good rule for any sewing machine! But wait! When you begin sewing, this protective sleeve converts into a trash catcher, which has a Velcro strip on the bottom and attaches to the right panel and hanging down on your right side. If you are left-handed, swap the sides and attach the Velcro strip to the left panel.

I recommend to make exterior part of this tote out of ripstop nylon, because it's sturdy, firm and durable, will prevent it from tearing when taking your machine out and putting it back in the case. I also made protective sleeve/trash catcher out of nylon, because it's sleek and easy to empty it! However, you can make the interior part of trash catcher out of nylon, but outer part of it can be made out of cotton, as the whole interior part.

Mesh underarm pocket can keep up to 3 large spools in it. Mesh pocket on the right side can become handy for templates, fat quarters, precut pieces of fabrics, etc.

Please, take care of your precious Featherweights! Show them your love and protect them for future generations. They are great and worth to be cherished!

Please note this is a digital download PDF file, not a paper sewing pattern.